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Why can I claim?

Many thousands of home owners across Britain are now looking into possible mortgage mis-selling compensation due to being let down by negligent brokers or lenders. Also your broker may have charge an undisclosed commission, which you can now claim for.

If you have been provided with an unaffordable or inappropriate mortgage, after 31st October 2004 and before 2014 where there is little or no chance of you being able to pay your mortgage off at the end of its term, then it is possible you may have valid grounds to claim.

Within FCA (MCOB) regulations and rules it states that brokers and lenders must ensure the mortgage is affordable for you, not only at the start of the mortgage, but throughout the term and even where the mortgage takes you into retirement. Many customers after paying years of interest only mortgages found that after their mortgage term had ended, they could not afford to repay the full loan amount, resulting in people losing their homes.

For further free advice you can visit "Money Advice Service" and “Financial Ombudsman Service” - www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

If any of the below applies to you, you could have a claim!

  • You were advised to take a mortgage product that was not suitable for your needs
  • You were advised to consolidate debts, loans or credit cards by re-mortgaging
  • You reach retirement age before your mortgage ends
  • The broker did not submit the correct information on the mortgage application
  • You were not told about the commission your mortgage advisor would receive
  • You were advised to switch lenders without being told about any fees and penalties
  • Checks were not carried out to ensure a suitable repayment method was in place
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How a claim Works

Our claim process is straightforward. Simply start your claim by clicking the Do I Qualify button. You will then complete our short online form which will enable us to find out more details about mortgage to see if you qualify. Once we have your information and determine if you qualify, the process is simple and made to make the whole experience stress free - let us do the hard work!

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